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Amarindo Limited


Amarindo Ltd is one of the leading construction companies providing fully integrated services in the construction industry.  Amarindo's portfolio includes mainly commercial and residential projects, from both the government and public sectors. To date, our expansive construction portfolio consists of many impressive projects in every industry sector, from institutional to civil and infrastructure; from commercial to retail to leisure; and from industrial to residential sectors.

The company strives to meet the constantly evolving industry and are continuously exploring development opportunities in overseas markets.



Company Background

Amarindo Ltd was established as early as 2003 and our services include building construction, maintenance, renovation and design.  Amarindo has grown into a market-leading and innovative construction company in the Indonesian construction industry because of its extensive experience, multifaceted professionals, effective management system, advanced information technology and efficient building technology.


Since the company started in 2003, our quality of service has been affirmed. We have also actively advocated the concept of "green building" and implemented environmental protection in every construction process.  At the same time, Amarindo always pays attention to the safety and health of its employees and the general public. Therefore, it plans to introduce a sound occupational safety management plan.